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Kids books written by Madonna. All of the star’s biggest and fastest selling children’s books are listed here with pictures and reviews.

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  • The English Rose (First Book)
  • First Five Books For Children
  • The English Roses
  • Mr. Peabody's Apples
  • Yakov and the Seven Thieves
  • The Adventures of Abdi
  • Lotsa de Casha
  • The English Roses, Too Good to be True
  • The English Roses Book Series (12 Chapter Books)

      One of my favorite artists of all time is Madonna. She is one true super stars of our generation. She is also one of the first women who started out as just a pop star but managed to have staying power. I believe this is because she is a great businesswoman. 

Madonna has a great voice that has only gotten better over time and she can still manage to dance like no one else. The reason she has remained a household name is because she knows how to sell herself.

When Madonna first came out I was fairly young. I enjoyed all of her earlier pop oriented songs such as Lucky Star, Borderline and Holiday of her first self entitled album. Her second album Like a Virgin had the more provocative self titled song, but she also stuck with the pop roots in Material Girl. She again delved into the slightly provocative in her third album True Blue with the song Papa Don't Preach. Then was her first movie Who's that Girl. I have to admit I did enjoy the movie but thought this would be the end of her career. However, she came back with the album Like a Prayer sticking with those original roots of a self title slightly provocative song and an upbeat pop tune, Cherish.

“To be brave is to love someone unconditionally, without expecting anything in return. To just give. That takes courage, because we don't want to fall on our faces or leave ourselves open to hurt.”
― Madonna

Through the next few years she managed to put out a few lackluster albums. However she always managed to stay in the media and keep herself a household name. When Madonna released the album Ray of Light I knew she was more than just a pop princess. That album showed how much her voice had grown and how much her body hadn't. She is still able to perform as well as she did when she was 15 years younger. These are the reasons I respect Madonna. Not only is she a talented artist she is also a shrewd businesswoman.
Madonna english roses
Madonna has build a whole career on the unexpected. Writing children's book was also not expected from Madonna, and yes, all these children books are international best sellers. More than 15 years ago the first book was released by Callaway Arts & Entertainment and there has been numerous publications since.

At first glance, what makes these books look so special is that it was written by Madonna! But this book is more than just a book written by a famous celebrity; this is a book that promotes gender equality wrapped in Jewish mysticism. It is not surprising why Madonna took a Jewish background as she is a Kabbalah follower, a Jewish sect. With this book Madonna tries to assert more strongly the role of girls than most traditional tales we know. Unlike many other cultures, Jewish culture appreciates women's equality even though it rarely applies to religious affairs.

#1 The English Roses by Madonna (first book)

The English Roses 2003
The English Roses

Reading level: Ages 4-8
Published : September 15, 2003
Author: Madonna
Illustrator:Jeffrey Fulvimari

This first children book by Madonna became the biggest and fastest selling book ever by a first-time children's author.

The English Roses tells the story of a girl named Binah who was initially disliked by her four friends. But in the end they realize that their treatment (against Binah) was wrong and they invite the little girl to join their small group. 

It seems Madonna reflected herself into Binah's personality including some of her personal bitter experiences in childhood.

There are several moral messages that can be captured from reading this book; that bullying whatever the reason is bad, each person may have hidden problems that need to be resolved, that anyone's life is not as easy as it seems and most importantly, compassion.

'In the first book, the lesson is about how destructive feelings of envy and jealousy are. And everybody feels it, not just little girls,' said Madonna.

This book, since it was released for the first time, has been published in 42 languages and in no less than 100 countries around the world. Madonna was directly involved in the promotion of this children's picture book and this signifies her seriousness in the writing project. Its success is certainly inseparable from Madonna's great reputation, but for many senior book critics, it can’t be separated from Madonna's foresight to insert moral messages including gender equality behind the reflection of her personal experiences into the personality of a little girl, Binah.

Click on the video to hear Madonna tell the story herself!

Madonna: Five Books for Children

kids books Madonna
The English Roses
Mr. Peabidy's Apples
Yakov and the Seven Thieves
The Adentures of Abdi
Lotsa de Casha

#2 Mr. Peabody's Apples

Mr.Peadoby's Apples
Illustrator:Loren Lomg

Reading level:Ages 5-9
Published:November 10, 2003
Illustrator:Loren Long

#3 Yakov and the Seven Thieves

Reading level:Ages 5-9
Published:June 21, 2004 (first edition)
Illustrator:Gennady Spirin

Yakov and the Seven Thieves is the third children's book by singer Madonna. Gennady Spirin, an award-winning artist, provided the lavish illustrations. The story is for children ages six and older. It is 32 pages long and was originally released in 2004 as a hardcover book.

The story is simple and has a heartwarming message. It is the story of Yakov who has a very ill son, Mikhail. Yakov and his wife Olga decide to get advice about how to handle the illness from a wise man who lives at the edge of their village. The wise old man listened to Yakov and promised to pray or Mikhail but the man did not realize that his prayers only went so far as to the gates of heaven.

The old man enlists the help of seven pickpocket criminals. They all worked together to pray with the old man and the following day, Yakov’s son was cured. The moral of the story is when people overcome the parts of being human that are bad, they can overcome evil and make miracles happen.

The thieves opened up their hearts for Mikhail’s sake and helped him to be healed. This is a sweet,  heartwarming story which many parents enjoy reading to their children. The illustrations are captivating and gorgeously rich in color. The story is an interpretation Madonna wrote herself of a different version of this fable.

In her own words, Madonna writes that the story is important to everyone. No matter how unworthy we think we are, we can make miracles happen when we go against our tendency to be self-oriented.

 The book received mixed reviews and some readers are critical of its tone. The tone is not always consistent for some readers. For others, it is a beautiful story with a beautiful, simple message.

#4 The Adventures of Abdi

Reading level:Ages 5-9
Published:November 8, 2004
Illustrator:Olga Dugina and Andrej Dugin

#5 Lotsa de Casha

Reading level:Ages 5-9
Published:June 7, 2005
Illustrator:Rui Paes

The English Roses, Too Good to be True

Reading level:Ages 5-9
Published:October 24, 2006

The English Roses Book Series (12 Chapter Books) 

The English Rose then expanded into a series of book. The book series tells the story of the lives of five schoolgirls in London and their problems.When the books where first published, it featured black&white artwork throughout. This new edition presents the same ravishing art in full color, highlighting Jeffrey Fulvimari's drawings in gorgeous detail.

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