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Love Your Heart (My Little Girl)Tim Mcgraw Children's BookMy Little Girl

Tim McGraw is famous American country singer. Some of us (like me) know him as Faith Hilll's husband. (sorry, I don't know much about country music). These books have incredible reviews on Amazon, and good comment on the web. A celebrity children book gone ... good !

My Little Girl
 My Little Girl
Reading level : Ages 4-8
Published : October 21, 2008

I am giving extra stars to this book because "My Little Girl" is a recipient of the prestigious Mom's Choice Award. Mom's choice Award have are know to select quality materials and products for children.

My Little Girl
My Little Girl*Tim McGraw*mp3 download
Readers are leaving really thoughtful and long reviews on Amazon about this specific book, that's always a good sign  !
My Little Girl, a picture book for girls, written by Tim Mc Graw and Tom Douglas, is a charming story, perfect for snuggling together with daddy at bedtime. It is about a "special, nothing-in-particular, spectacular day" with a dad, his daughter Katie and their dog Palio. As Katie dresses for her day, she imagines going to Africa or a ball at the royal castle. Unsure of what to wear she decides to wear it all--ball gown, tiara, jewelry, jungle boots, and boa.
Katie finds that the day dad has planned is different from the one she imagined. They go to the farm co-op to see the little bunnies, chicks and ducks, play in the park, and eat alphabet soup for lunch. As her daddy tucks her into bed that night, a weary Katie realizes that a nothing-in-particular kind of day was very special kind of day because she spent it with her daddy.
I liked this book for several reasons:
  • It illustrates unconditional love between a father and daughter. Throughout the story, the dad stressed how much he loved and admired his little girl.
  • It teaches young girls that experiences or things do not make the most special days and memories, but rather, it is whom you spend the time with.
  • It encourages fathers and daughters to read a story together, one that they could imagine experiencing too.
The illustrations by Julia Denos are charming and whimsical and perfectly convey the spirit of this darling little girl.
Mary Jane Harris

Love Your Heart (My Little Girl)
Love Your Heart 
Reading level: Ages 4-8
published : February 16, 2010

After the success of his first children book, Tim McGraw gives us a second story about Katie and her Dad

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